Free Skateboard Deck

Hi there!
Thanks for taking the time to fill out our form! Enter the code we provided (fine print…one skateboard per code so don’t let the code fall into the wrong hands) to you on your postcard and we’ll get back to you shortly to get the details for your free skateboard deck. We can’t wait for you to see how awesome our skateboards are!

Wood Rabbit MFG pro quality skateboards are made right here in the USA with 7-ply Canadian Maple. What’s cool and unique about our boards is the finishing process that we have developed that allows us to offer the custom skateboards. The graphics are thermally bonded to the custom polymer substrate applied to the skateboard deck surface– making them an integral part of the deck. The graphics are then coated with a low friction clear coat making them more durable and giving the skateboard a perfect slick coating for rail slides.

Take a look around and we'll get back to you soon. Thank you for your interest in Wood Rabbit MFG!